I believe that smiling is our nature and no matter the circumstances of life, we can tap into the peace and love that has always been there. Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, there is a sticky mess attached to our beauty.

My stories have changed me; can you relate?


You’ve been stuck on the back of a branch, in a gooey mess, struggling to emerge…to become  fully you.

You know that it means discovering the freedom of who you were meant to be, by finding more time for reflection, more money to support your direction, and relationships that champion your destiny.

Your life is meant to inspire others.

Jump Straight to the Posts and Get Inspired Now


Through the principles of design – Unity, Balance & Focus.


Design has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

My mom let me decorate for Christmas since I was able to reach the tree, and I was encouraged to express my talent through cooking, interior design, sewing, music, mosaics and pop-art painting….not any Andy Warhol, but it was cool enough that the purchaser of my parents’ home said it was one of the reasons they loved the house.

I vividly remember the sunset mural that I painted with colours of brown, orange, and yellow…straight out of the 70s. I was about 16 years old then.

My cooking experience began at the age of four, standing on a stool in front of the stove, stirring a can of milk into the Campbell’s tomato soup; maybe that’s the Andy Warhol influence.

Design principles have given me direction for my journey.

They say, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Spiritually, I have been able to connect when I minimize the distractions of a messy space or messy mind. I was only 12 when I discovered this. With a sheet draped across the middle of the room that I shared with my sister, I was able to build my den of zen.  She had no regard for anything relative to tidiness.

She was too busy moving from one thing to another and left a trail of crumbs along the way.

Having moved several times as a child and again throughout my adult life (21 times and counting), I’ve refined the art of organization & the science of efficiency.  I hope to share the benefit of Focus inherent with cleanliness.

Later in life I discovered the effects of energy and it’s contribution to a positive flow; intuitively, I knew!

When there’s a basket of cloths sitting on the couch, there is no invitation to rest; peace is lacking. When there is no white space on your calendar, spontaneity is not welcome. And, when there’s nothing on your calendar your agenda is circulating and overtaking your thoughts.

This time the lack of “white space” is in your mind.

Again, the “cleanliness is next to Godliness” comes into play…think of Fung Shui. The chi (energy) can get caught up in the stuff that blocks the path.

When chi is uninhibited, Focus will be supported by Balance.

Moving so often introduced me to many of God’s creatures. Everyone truly is unique; I’ve learned to cherish their presence. I’ve learned too that being fully in the moment with these creatures brings realization of our Unity.

We really are one in so many ways…

We share the same breath, the same energy, the same universe,  but we each have unique expressions of our own story – each one told, differently.

Revelation – Unity!

Of course, that’s another principle of design.

Design helps you navigate your goals

Since there are only three principles to incorporate, you can easily remember what will keep you on the path to your goals; just, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Upon reaching your goals, they will be that much richer.

Living life on purpose comes with focus. It is with intention that we become more fully involved with ours and the lives of those we care about. Being in the moment and noticing all the blessings that surround us in this situation makes us more in tune with who we are.

So, you see, the principles of design can be used to help us emerge with butterfly beauty.

Spend time with me to pick up tips for focus, balance, and unity.

Posts will be shared regularly; about one per month. You can get notice of new posts by signing up,for the newsletter. We can learn from each other, so please share your stories.

SHARE – let’s learn together!

15 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. Okay, I’ve typed a response and don’t know where it went!? Still learning to navigate the dashboard and now replying to comments. We’ll see if this works before I type as much as I did in the response that seems to have gone to never never land…keeps me smiling anyway!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! Every day – a new challenge and today is no different! Now, I will be searching the answer to your question. I’m sure it is not difficult, just foreign to me at this time. Hang in there Chelsea, and check back. I should have it figured out by Monday.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes, limiting beliefs pop up around my pursuit of writing & sharing what so many others seem to be saying already, but I turn that around with the reminder that there are still many others yet to discover this journey & if I help only one, that’s more than not ever having helped at all!

      I’m really looking forward to getting to know your story…an americano won’t hurt either! I really love those!

  2. Hi Joan, it was so nice to see you today in Chruch. Iam so looking froward to reading your stories.Keep up nthe good work .

    1. Blessings to you sister. It was great to see you too. I am currently working on another post that should be out within the next two weeks. My regular is about once per month. I may amp that up once I finish a few other projects I have in the hopper.

      Keep smiling

  3. Joan,

    My class at Keyin are graduating next month. We were wondering what your email address is so that we can send you an invitation.

    Great Blog and Thanks for being an awesome instructor!


    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just writing into the great oblivion :) I did receive the invite yesterday and would love to attend the graduation. I will respond officially by way of the invitation.

      Thanks again for your kind remarks.
      Keep Smiling

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